An open letter to Australians

Dear Australia – let’s work together to put your health first. COVID-19 caught us by surprise, testing our health system and testing our country in many ways. The good news is that the actions taken to “flatten the curve” and reduce the spread of COVID-19 are working – but now we need to take action […]

How We Are Managing Safety and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Zenitas

Zenitas considers the health and safety of both its customers and staff to be of the utmost importance. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, preparing and implementing precautionary actions, and closely following the advice and recommendations of the Commonwealth Department of Health. We also continue to deliver quality services to our customers to [...]

Zenitas Mobile Healthcare division welcomes Loqui Speech Pathology and Bernadette Dutton

We are excited to announce that Loqui Speech Pathology has joined our Mobile Healthcare division. We’re looking forward to working with Loqui to continue the strong relationships it has built with aged care residents, staff and families. With this partnership, we'll also be able to provide speech pathology services to our current and future customers [...]

Zenitas Healthcare welcomes new EGM – Mobile Healthcare, Rob Bowden

We are excited that Rob Bowden has been appointed Executive General Manager, Mobile Healthcare. Rob brings significant experience to our Mobile Healthcare division and will be a valued addition to our Executive team. Rob joined us recently from Xtra, where he was the Managing Director of Xtra AgedCare and Xtra HomeCare. He first joined Xtra [...]

XtraAgedCare and XTraHomeCare join Zenitas and Mobile Healthcare Division

Zenitas Healthcare is excited to announce a major development that will enable us to provide more high-quality community care to aged care clients in QLD, SA, NSW and WA. We have finalised the sale of XtraAgedCare and XtraHomeCare (Xtra) to join Zenitas and our Mobile Healthcare division. We are looking forward to working with Xtra, [...]

Respected aged and disability care provider Accommodation and Care Solutions (ACARES) joins Zenitas Healthcare

Zenitas Healthcare welcomes Accommodation and Care Solutions (ACARES), which has now officially joined our Disability Accommodation and Care business. ACARES is a highly regarded aged and disability care services provider operating across Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Its philosophy of care [...]

Orion Services joins Australian Home Care Services

We are pleased to announce that Orion Services has joined Australian Home Care Services. Orion is a leader in disability support based in Western Australia, with a long history of delivering quality, flexible, individualised services to people living with disabilities and their families. By integrating Orion Services into Australian Home Care Services, we will be [...]

Zenitas Healthcare – Appoint New CEO

Zenitas Healthcare is pleased to announce that after an extensive executive search, we have appointed a new CEO – Rob De Luca. Rob is a values-led CEO with over 20 years’ experience in the health and financial services sectors and has grown sustainable organisations through significant technological and customer expansion. His most recent role was [...]